singer zangerle

Walter Singer: Double BassWerner Zangerle: Saxophone “singer zangerle” have known each other for a long time. You can definitely hear that in their music. However, the long-time collaborators in numerous bands (Memplex, Sweet & Lovely, Sonic Cosmetics) gave their first concert as a duo in 2019 at Celeste in Vienna. The feedback from the audience… Continue reading singer zangerle

Little Rosies Kindergarten

Anna Anderluh, Anna Widauer – Gesang Florian Sighartner – Violine Matteo Haitzmann – ViolinClemens Sainitzer – Cello Lisa Hofmaninger – Soprano Saxphone, Bass clarinetWerner Zangerle – Tenor SaxophonRobert Schröck/Nik Holler – Alto and Baritone SaxophoneJohannes Bankl – TrumpetLukas Leitner – Piano/Synthesizer Helmuth Mühlbacher – GuitarPhilipp Kienberger – Bass Judith Schwarz – Drums Web: Booking:… Continue reading Little Rosies Kindergarten

Wenzl Dnatek

Wenzl Dnatek Werner Zangerle: SaxophonRoland Rathmayr: Bass/BassukuleleDidi Kern: Schlagzeug Web: Booking: Recordings: hug box


Mario Rom: TrumpetWerner Zangerle: SaxophonePhilipp Jagschitz: PianoWalter Singer: BassNiki Dolp: Drums Web: Booking: Recordings: Souvenir, Lawn of Love

Sweet & Lovely

picture by Yannis Akon //

Walter Singer : BassNiki Dolp : DrumsWerner Zangerle : Tenor- & Sopransaxophon Web: Booking: Recordings: Heros